transformers…more than meets the eye.


tonight I went to see transformers with my fam and our middleschool pastor and his wife and it was off the chain. the whole time i sat in awe of the special effects, sound and story line. transformers is a must see movie…the only let down was the minimal amount of profanity in the film and the mom that shot a bird to the used car salesman. I cringed and hoped my 5 year old did not see the gesture, knowiung that if he did, he might do the same one day, considering the amount of laughter in the theatre. I was probably the most uncomfortable when the mother of the main actor was talking about masterbation with her son and she callled it sams happy time and my 5 year old got tickled. there are some things I am thankful they dont have any clue about. all in all it was a thriller that I would just love to experience on more time!


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