creativity is your middle name!

I am not a creative person…
I am not an innovative person…
I am not a dramtic person…
I am not a deep thinker…

the problem with all these statements is that when you look into the mirror in your barest of states you were created by the creatir of the universe and therefore you have what it takes to be the best you possible. we look at the creative genius of people in this world and we look in the mirror and think I could never measure up! creativity is not just for the artist, the graphic designer, the engineer, or the cartoonist. creativity is your middle name!

you were made…put together by the creator of the universe and he came to live inside of us. as a believer when we link up with Jesus, we have no excuse but to be creative. the spirit of God hovered over the depth in the book of genesis. it was dark and formless, but GOD sppoke and bam it all happened. the spoken word of God is ringing in our spirits today when he says “ask whatever you wish and it will be done” God i want to be stinkin creative. i want ideas that flow thru my mind that are impossible to man but you make them everyday! if nothing is too difficult with God, then mans lack of creativity can be changed by the innovative idea of linking with the creator! prayer truly changes things. don’t be predictable…don’t be boring…dont be normal…be creative!

it all starts with an idea…lets get some god ideas working and change the world we live in!
your world can be boring or creative…it all depends on who you are connected to!



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