supersize me…

fast food…when you walk into a chic-fila, burger king, wendy’s, taco bell or Moes, you know what you are about to get. pure unadulterated heaven on earth! if it tastes so good, then does that really mean it is good for ya? well some would say that anything in moderation is good for ya, it’s when you get out of control that your done for. one of my favorite movies as a kid was the flick goonies. a group of kids go on a treasure hunt and some bank robbers stand in the way of treasure. chunk is my favorite character in the movie…he is constantly eating throughout the entire movie. he befriends an unbelievably gross character named lars their bond is the natural connection of food! what are you hungry for? you get this hunger craving and the only thing that will satisfy it is fast food. what satisfies your craving? a tripple whopper, a chic-fila sandwhich and waffle fries, a crunch wrap supreme, a joey bag of doughnuts?
I have to confess that what drives many through a fast food restaraunt is not the desire for tofu on a pita but simply fast, hot, greasy and cheap mouth watering food. so i say supersize me!

supersize me…isn’t that what god really wants to do in us? john 10:10 I have come to give you life and show you how to live it. abundant life is all about being supersized! he wants to give us an abundant life_super abundant in quantity and quality! so what do you want? to live a meager pathetic existence or be supersized? it all depends on what you are craving. crave more of god and watch him add to your life in ways you can’t imagine! and please watch your intake of burgers and fries…moderation is the key.

‘ no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what god has in store for those who love him’

what do you crave?



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