live free…pray hard

tonight i went up to the cafe to check out a prayer meeting that our interns started. just a grass roots (whatever that is) movement of people that want more of God and are looking for a deeper place in him. word spreads when people are hungry for him. walking into the cafe a laptop on stage with a desk top sound hooked up playing worship tunes that set the mood for prayer. i sat down and honestly felt God in that place. some were praying others were journaling, some walked while others just curled up in a chair seeking after him. I was so happy to see students that genuinely sought after God then in the end got together and honestly prayed for one another. no hype, no pressure…just an honest hunger for God. I love to see passion put on display when its personal and not coaxed. I feel like people genuinely received tonight and it was exciting to just be apart of. the pressure of ministry can be so heavy that its times like this that reafirm and refresh. God is working in lives that are honest and hungry for him! interns you are amazing people!
Eric – can’t believe 3 weeks until your back at school. where did the time go. you have grown immensley since last summer. you are ready to take on the world of ministry. kelly- your hunger and passion are going to open doors for your life and ministry. you are serious about ministry and that is a gift. Rob- where are you? that’s right you are on a road trip this week. your servanthood has been noticed and God is going to elevate your life and ministry, simply because you love to serve. angela- you are a powerhouse! we are gonna miss you when you move to texas. look out texas, a woman of faith and power is on the way!

live free…pray hard.



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