i wanna be led…

sounds like a strange title…”i wanna be led”. tonight i preached to the largest summer crowd we have had that wasn’t a compel night. I knew we were going to have a great night. you see, in the middle of worship you could feel the presence of God in a rich way. He was moving tonight and it was going to be different. i could tell he wanted to do a work in the lives of the students that were there, but I had to get out of the way. the most difficult part of ministry is when you plan out everything and you pray “God, your way is better than mine” and then he leads in a different direction. It was in the middle of the prayer time that i saw the struggle students were living in and the chaos they went home to and i knew my message was not what they needed and it wasn’t what i felt God leading. wow…i prepared…i prayed…i got all the video done…we painted a backdrop…the power point was bangin…focus groups were set, but God had a different plan for tonight!

i went up to my office and grabbed a message i shared at summer camp, and proceeded to put it in my bible. I walked onto the stage and sat down and i felt so unconfortable doing what I felt was right. ok God I am willing to do whatever it takes. I started with a scripture from that message i felt led to read…joshua 3 they carried the ark into the river and thats when it hit…i wanna be led! God wants to lead me and show me…it all was so different but God was in it. I gave the altar call after 20 minutes of preaching, now that’s a miracle! 20 students came down to get there lives right…it was so real! kids came to set the atmosphere and get close to God, and that’s when it felt oh so right. my polished plan kicked to the curb for a message on being real, and God really showed up and changed lives.

i wanna be led for real…even if it doesnt feel right.


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