vaca day at universal and islands…

we woke up and walked down and ate some grub at Emack & Bolio’s / Starbucks at the hard rock hotel…jake downed a poptart and some fruit loops, al ate 2 jelly doughnuts and I indulged in a bagel in cream cheese with a carmel latte…mm good. when you go to theme parks you have to be ready to be assualted by people that skip lines, run you over to get to the front, and just plane wear stuff that you could swear they did not look in the mirror that morning. well the theme park is all about the kiddos…Jimmy newrtron i have ridden this ride so many times I know when the rugrat is gonna get snatched up and the bounce of the dragon snearing down on jimmy and carl. onto et…what a step back in time…men in black alien attack is a favoirite and then on to jaws…gotta root for the shark. its so funny to see kids scream in terror on this ride. the reason for staying at hard rock is two fold- 1 they truly know how to handle kids and cater to them. 2- your room key is a fast pass! we rode all we watned before 1pm went to islands of adventure… let me complain some here.
I know we need to be safe going into a park. but if the guy running the turnstile cant get your computer imprinted finger print to work…then throw it out. we waited longer to get in than ride spiderman. thats retarded.

that night we went back after shilling at the pool and eating at the kitchen…I love that restaurant. Terminator 2 3d is a work of genius. its a step back in time…but the look on a 3rd graders face when the guns are blaring and the terminators are closing in…now that’s awesome. at the end of the night it was a hot day and we were wore out (on vaca) we stayed to watch universal 360 at the lagoon. lights, pyrop, and movies from every era. this is worth seeing. they shot video on the walls of big buildings and the fireworks and lasers were amazing. in the words of an eight year old…this is better than the fourth of july!

vaca is going well…saturday we go to st. pete to sit on the beach and rest.



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