vaca is what I need


I am taking a few days of much needed fam time. Today we went to stay at a hotel I love to stay at. The hard rock hotel in Orlando. One of the reasons I love this hotel is the fact that it cators to kids and the restaurants on sight are something you can’t miss. Everytime we stay we go to The Kitchen a spot for great food in a casual atmosphere where your kids can eat at a kids buffet and play in a special area while you enjoy a great meal. I had a seafood chowder that was mouth watering. My boys made a personal pizza that was their design and brought to their table. The waiter went out of his way to take care of us…I love the taste of raspberry sweat tea…they don’t have it, butanother kitchen on sight has it and they offered to get it at no extra fee. Now that’s QBQ – I didn’t ask they offered…I even offered to drink unsweat tea but much to my surprise he brought me a refill from the other kitchen. Now that’s service.

We went to see rattatouie and I would have to say it’s a great movie. I love the critic Ego that looked to destroy the restaurant with his reviews, but when faced with a new experience his whole outlook and perception changed when served a meal from an unexpected place…there is so much in this movie that can preach. Any body can cook!

Tomorrow we go to universal and islands for shear fun. The boys are excited and look forward to riding jimmy neutron, et, spiderman and of course the cat in the hat. Vaca is all about family. The pressures of ministry can be extremely great at times. The pressure to succeed and do something significant is always there…we went to camp and saw God move, the week before no service on the 4th of july and wed night the largest crowd this summer outside our annual wet n wild wed. increase and real growth in the summer is an awesome thing!



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