starbucks…everywhere but in our neighborhood.

on vaca and starbucks is everywhere, but where we want one! does anyone really find it frustrating that there aint no starbucks to be found in west ormond beach. oh there is a volcanos…but its no starbucks. it closes at like 8pm…now that’s gotta be good for coffee business. well heres the kicker. Im in pinellas near st pete and drive by an old run down area. theres a gym called hells gym “feel the burn” now that meakes me wanna work out. it had getto looking flames all over the storefront. so, I get off track from my gps navigation and stumble onto a brand new starbucks drive thru. somebody put it in an old run down area, but will thety put one in ormond right off of williamson blvd?

i love me some starbucks caramel machiato…if you agree with me, then lets start petitioning starbucks to put a drive-thru in ormond!

vaca wouldn’t be what it is without stumbling onto a starbucks coffee in an out of the way place.


2 thoughts on “starbucks…everywhere but in our neighborhood.

  1. Its a franchise business we just have to find someone who wants to open one up and has the cash to back it up. I’m not a needy starbucks fan but when there’s one around I don’t mind me some mocha cappacino. Hope your vaca was great we all missed you around here. I have a blog now so check it out.

  2. Pastor Al, Your Prayers & Emails have been answered. When we were driving down Granada today, we noticed a sign in the old Schlotzky’s restaurant that Starbucks was a coming to town, Wahoo!

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