mowing grass

today i came home from a week of vacation to a yard that was in definite need of cutting. i know this sounds weird what you are about to read, but i truly enjoy mowing the yard. there is just something about pushing a self propelled mower, edging the sidewalks and drive and weedeating the house that makes me feel like a real man! real men cut grass? well i do, at least and have been doing so since i was 9 years old and could push the mower. i can remember just dying to mow the yard and as soon as i was tall enough to push the mower it became my job. a few questions about cutting grass…does the grass have to grow so fast in the summer, why do you blow out black boogers after a good mow, and has anyone eve cut of all there toes in a mower. my dad always said wear shoes when you mow or you’ll cut your toes off. i know now that my old shoes would never stop the blade. I guess one benefit of mowing is the time i get to think…the noise is so loud that i cant hear anything else other than my thoughts. so i use the hour to just think about life and how good God has been to me. look at this house…God gave it to me. thanks God for giving me a great house to live in!

the grass will never stop growing…someone has to cut it..


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