wednesday…the day it all happens!

this is the day that everything seems to come together and flow int this thing called youth ministry! I live for wednesday. there is nothing on the planet short of death and a new baby that would keep me from wednesday. people try to schedule appointmentss on this day for me and its oh so easy to say…no that’s wednesday the day it all happens. its a whirlwind at times but after set up, finishing touches on the message, power point burn a few dvd’s meet with people about the plan, set the cafe…and cousel a few people in between…we are set for another great wednesday. last week blew me away. i had a plan and God had a better plan. I worked hard on that night, and everything changed when the worship started. the largest crowd this summer yet, what an incredible night. tonight i look forward with anticipation for a great night in His presence.

todays the day it all happens…this is what i dream about…this is what I pray hard about…this is what i was called to do!


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