barry bonds hits 754…


the great debate over barry bonds hitting 755 and tying hammering hank is heating up on hall of fame baseball weekend. some people could care less what happens, while others have a wide array of opinions if it really matters. well here I go, you may not agree with me but I really don’t care. my opinion is this…barry break the record hit 800 home runs. I think its good for baseball! that’s right when mark mcquire and sammy sosa where smacking it out of the park baseball was the most exciting game to watch. some think, well baseball is long and boring not much action. just stand in the batters box and hit a ball coming at you 90+ miles an hour with a chunk of wood. it takes more than muscle to hit it out. check out ken griffey junior..he has the sweetest swing in baseball and he is closing in on 600…or what about arod sitting on 499 trying to hit number 500…now that’s a swing! it truly doesn’t matter where i will be when barry hits 755 or 756…i will watch it on espn more than once. just ask the guy who catches the ball what he thinks about# 755 he’s for it all the way! records are made to be broken and the reason for this is man is getting better and better at what he does! baseball you gotta love the game!

Go braves!


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