starbucks is coming to town…

home_img1_starbucks.jpg starbucks.jpg
last week I sent an email to starbucks on their sight begging for a franchise to be built in ormond beach. where i work calvary christian center there is a starbucks 20 minutes north, 20 minutes south and 20 minutes east. the closest thing to a starbucks is volcanos coffee and its weak. prices are higher than starbucks and i find myself asking them for something at starbucks and I leave disappointed all the time. well my quest for starbucks is coming to an end. a schlotzkys deli went out of business…I mean the day before i was eating a barbecue and jalapeno pizza there and the next day it was gone. stripped clean with black tape over the sign on the street. just this week i got a comment on my blog starbucks everywhere but in our neighborhood. our small groups pastor commented a sign just went up now hiring at starbucks…in the same place schlotzkys was. I was in a mall shopping on my anniversary and my cellphone alerted me to a message. I read and felt like shouting in the middle of the women’s dept. at bloomingdales…but I kept my composure. the moral to the story is this…ask and ye shall receive. Now I just cant wait to see the doors open and drop in for coffee on my way to the office. venti 1 raw sugar carmel machiato…I can almost taste it.


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