sunday…a hot day in church

it was casual sunday at calvary the crowds came in and the house was packed. the atmosphere was electric, its the first day of campmeeting. Tim Story is preaching today. at 7:30 he started his message and it was the same passage pastor raley used the week before. psalm 92:12 The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon. a palm tree is elastic no matter how strong the storm is it may bend down to the floor and come back for more. God was in t he place and people were getting healed, transformed and renewed. you felt good leaving church today…refreshed by the presence of God. the evening service was packed, the worship was amazing…it was as if God had come down and kissed that place tonight. Trent you are truly an amazing worship leader, i felt like we went deeper tonight! one memorable moment was during the overflow time, the time after the service had ended…people were touched in a powerful way. one lady screamed so loud when she came by me, i thought i would jump out of my skin. she proceeded to dance all over the front of the church…you see she had been using a walker for some time and could not get away! it was so refreshing to see the power of God heal and save so many…God you are so good! thanks for a great start of campmeeting!


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