this world we live in is vying for something supernatural. they are seeking and looking for the unexplained, the unbelievable. one of the hottest watched shows on AE is criss angel “mind freak” Criss Angel is on a quest to bring magic into our lives through extreme entertainment that he calls “mindfreak.” amazing feats, including being set ablaze for 46 seconds with very little protection and levitating people right on the street to death-defying escapes and even more slight-of-hand acts. I have watched chris angel many times and it amazes me how freaked out people are by his stunts. they are truly unexplainable. criss angel…more than meets the eye. there is a supernatural counterfeit…don’t settle for the cheap imitation-go for the real thing…criss angel aint it!

the supernatural is real and working today! what would people think if they walked into a building and a little boy came in a wheel chair and then walked out…no braces, no crutches. that is unexplainable. that is supernatural. or what if a lady came in with a walker struggling just to get in a building and then danced and walked right out…no aid from the walker. that is unexplainable…that is supernatural. these are true stories that happened this week. would it bother people that is it was a church they were in and that place was not dead but alive with power and excitement and wonder. I remember a building I went to where a lady died right in the middle of a meeting, she turned blue, swelled up and paramedics were working frantically to try to revive her. no luck! the people sand a simple song while the paramedics worked and then you heard a scream over the music…she sat up! now that’s supernatural. to this day the paramedic will not go in that place…the supernatural is unexplainable because its not from this world! Jesus is supernatural. look out world when the supernatural comes on the scene things cant help but change.

this has been a supernatural summer…campmeeting is over and the supernatural effects remain, summer camp came and went and the supernatural effects still remain, 41 went to hong kong on a mission and the supernatural effects still remain!

supernatural jesus in natural world means the unexplained take place!


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