fine arts preview night

last night we held a national fine arts preview night…it amazes me at the talent we have in this youth church and the level of where we are in fine arts. 21 categories and 60 students will travel to indy on monday looking forward to a great fine arts festival. our fine arts dept. is all ran by volunteers that spend countless hours working with groups and putting up with issues…they are the influencers behind the scenes. ronnie, pastor jen, DeAngleo, Eric…props to you for another level at fine arts. Fine arts is a real adventure…and this year will definitely deliver. we have some groups that are definitely ready and others that need some polishing, but nonetheless i am totally proud of them all. Crave…you guys are amazing! I have been thru so many fine arts years that you really don’t know what to expect, so you have to be ready for anything. we definitely have some very talented groups and individual pieces, that have worked very hard on their entries, but it’s all in the eyes and ears of the judges…you see this is fine arts- you can travel half way across the country and prepare your best and a judge not like your style, dress or even the way you present your piece. we have been hammered by judges that don’t appreciate screamers, that would be the christian band division, we have been looked scrutinized for pressing students and looking more like a show in the category of worship team. we have gone to the last round in divisions and not place in the end…but the judges are not why we do what we do. this is calvary…and when you experience our kids you experience the flavor of calvary. we are going after something–that is, we crave something bigger than the approval of judges and what we want is more of God! if we can stand on a stage and push the envelope and stretch beyond the mundane, then we have achieved what we desire–more of him! we want our passion for him to be contagious! there is definitely a hunger and thirst in this place for more of Him! Fine arts is a place to be stretched as an individual and present your best!

last night i was so proud of our students…you could see it in their faces as well as the faces of the parents…at the end of the night right after db tore it up…we worshipped together and God entered that room and touched lives that were hungry for him! props to all our students! this year has been a great year!


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