goodbye…farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios; bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara; bon voyage; cheers; informal toodle-oo. well it tough saying goodbye. i know every-time I leave the house I say good bye and grab a kiss and a hug from my family. well, today I went to a farewell party to one of our students and leaders…angela you are a power ful woman of god and God is for real going to use you…have the time of your life in texas! now youth ministry is all about saying goodbye…kids go to college they go to masters commissions they get on with their lives and as a minister i get the priveledge to just shape their lives enough to just say goodbye…I have 3 interns this summer and in a few weeks they are all leaving- goodbye to eric he’s going to southeastern university, rob he’s going to southeastern university and kelly she’s going to orlando masters! this has been the best summer ever…goodbye but not farewell!

peace out!


2 thoughts on “goodbye…

  1. hey pastor al,
    this summer has been amazing!!! thank you for every opportunity to learn. im going to miss hanging with all you crazy peeps but i know its time to move towards what God has planned for my life.
    ~ kel

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