tonight I went to a weeding and have been to so many that i decided to give some thoughts about them. you may not agree with me but your not writing this blog so whatever. the best set of vows is vows you write that have real meaning and bring a man to tears. I found tears in my own eyes when the groom began to cry…music- violins, keys, orchestra, worship music, italian, country music and even a little harry connick jr…I have heard it all kinds i say whatever you feel is your groove put it in and crank it up its your day! location – church, park, beach, back yard…it doesn’t really matter I performed a wedding in the back yard of a beach house where the crowd was just steps away with beer bottles hoisted high for the kiss. I did a wedding at a house in the middle of nowhere in the backyard of a marsh with an 80′ yacht parked in the river behind…the wind was so strong that it literally blew off the veil of the bride. I got married on the stage i preach on each week…its a gym they used to call a sanctuasium. food: finger foods, sit down meal, open bar, dance floors, flowers, sign the huge picture…so much thought is put into a wedding and it should be its one special day in the life of a couple.

then there’s the night of the wedding…I will leave it at that!

jeremy great wedding- it was memorable!


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