from boo’s to cheers…barry slugs his way to 755

San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit the 755th home run of his spectacular and controversial career on Saturday, tying the all-time record held by hammering Hank Aaron since 1974.
Bonds slammed the historic homer off San Diego Padres right-handed pitcher Clay Hensley in the second inning at Petco Park in San Diego.
Bonds hit two balls, one strike offering from Hensley 382 feet into the left-field stands.

Most in the sellout crowd cheered Bonds as he circled the bases and was greeted by his team mates at home plate. The same crowd had lustily booed Bonds just moments earlier when he strode to the plate.

as controversial as this feet is, you can’t help but stand and cheer for a homerun…
I love the game of baseball and there is nothing like seeing a hitter stand in the box and slug a ball over 350′ coming at him like at nearly 90 miles and hour. the truth is simple…no matter what is thrown your way it shows, you can hit a home run!


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