I love my church…it is such an exciting place to be…every sunday peoples lives are changed and made better by the power of Jesus Christ and His word. this sunday was one such sunday. people are so addicted to stuff and they still call themselves believers…wait a minute they don’t do drugs, they dont drink, they dont smoke…but they have issues with being drunk on arrogance, prejudice, criticism, jealousy (haters) and more. if we truly want to live the abundant life that the word proclaims then basically we jesus to be the center of everything. we leave him out of so many places and then we need intervention. our pastor got right in the middle of lives and paved the way to intervention. he wrote his own twist on the 12 step process…my favorite is number 12) before you take a step anywhere take on toward jesus! this was a great day in church…a time to say i love this place!

my guys in parking did a great job…security guys nearly knocked me over taking some fool out of the building and in the third service 5 of us literally picked up a car and moved it. calvary is truly making a difference!

I love this place!


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