ministry is spelled W..O..R..K..

calvary is a place that is truly making a difference! one reason I believe this to be true is that the staff pastors know that in order to do anything significant you gotta be willing to work. let me tell you about a few of our pastors. Outreach…pastor jen you rock! she is touching the masses with love and compassion. she had a back to school bash that gave away hundreds of backpacks to needy kids that were bussed in. kids…pastor steve is so talented, creative and a great kids pastor…my boys love him and his ministry is incredible. Music…pastor trent you are a singing machine. his passion for worship is stinkin contagious, he challenges me to worship! executive pastor…pastor troy he makes the wheel move – he will drive a bus for the homeless ministry, deal with all kinds of issues, handle all the finances and PO’s the staff turns in and still run his own business…he is so successful you just want some of what he’s got on his life! youth…pastor jon is over 68 and what is so evident is his love for these kids…he is the most compassionate-just wanting to pour into kids!… pastor raley is a preaching machine-revelation just oozes out of his life…he’s the kinda pastor that you truly want to be like- passionate, powerful, purposeful-yet unpredictable!

calvary…you gotta love this place!

2 thoughts on “ministry is spelled W..O..R..K..

  1. Thank you for the post. It was fine to read your message – to hear that people are not only fighting, but smiling too.
    Let Fine arts never become over

  2. It was great pleasure to read your post – to hear the wonderful words:
    ministry is spelled W..O..R..K..
    That perfectly defines the meaning of the faith

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