leaders lead even when its tough

Leadership…is all about influence. Good leaders influence others by more than just words. You can point the way to go, but if you are not going that way its hard for them to follow. A true leaders life can influence and touch lives where words don’t need to be said. There are sometimes you don’t have to say a word just act and others will follow. There are times when leadership is hard and you have to correct those that go the wrong way. This is where leadership is taken to another level. You have to be willing to call out bad behavior, call out stinkin attitudes and call out a natural unwillingness to go with the flow. There is a flow in the spirit that a leader needs to go in, and when the followers go against the flow it can be a miserable place for a leader and the followers will never achieve there place of destiny. God places a leader in position to keep the flow of the spirit flowing, but if a leader is unwilling to correct those that follow, then they will never know that they are going against the flow. It breaks my heart as a leader to see the enemy plant divisive unwilling, know it all, arrogant, prideful spirits in the hearts of those we try to lead. My destiny is tied to those that I lead, but if they are unwilling to follow to the place of destiny, then I am stuck in the desert. sometimes I feel like Joshua going to the promise land other times I feel like moses wandering in the desert. I bet moses got so mad at the people, and asked himself the same questions…why wont they listen, why wont they just follow! Don’t they know we are going somewhere? God help us go to the promise land…its our destiny!

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