the fine arts wrap up

65 went to indy in hopes of doing well at the national fine arts festival…its a the big show for students competing in categories like drama, human video, music and song. we participated in 21 entries that passed the district level and now competes on the national stage. some 13 thousand students descended on indy to do the same thing. the week is over and we had a worship team get 2nd place and a christian band get third. we did real well in female and male vocal as well as large ensemble advancing to the second round. our instrumental ensemble was a rendition of transiberian orchestra christmas eve…it took place in a room smaller than my hotel room crammed with 100+ spectators and a band of at least 10…we wheeled in amps on flat bed carts and used massive drums and keys…I handed the judges ear plugs and they appreciated the gesture but did not care for the enthusiasm. I guess they were looking for a flute, violin and harp combo, but what they got was raw energy and youth enthusiasm…needless tho say the crowd loved it and I just had to smile! that’s fine arts. our youth choir worshipped their faces off and sang a song by richard smallwood…”total praise” thanks deangelo for your leadership it was an amazing song…the judges were looking for something else…less worship more production…that’s not calvary! we are all about the experience. fine arts is what one of our leaders said…you just gotta be who you are and let the judges see that…can’t please them…now thats a mouthful of truth.

Fine arts is over…a week in indy…2 buses across the country…I am glad its over…but i still have a smile!

crave you are amazing! its a blast to pastor students that dont hold back! I am proud of MY KIDS!!! I am proud of the coaches and leaders that went!

1 thought on “the fine arts wrap up

  1. Thank you for the post. It was fine to read your message – to hear that people are not only fighting, but smiling too.
    Let Fine arts never become over

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