today i got the privilege to spend sometime with a hungry youth pastor from ft myers. it is so satisfying to see someone so hungry for excellence in ministry. we work so hard to be excellent in all we do and a young guy comes and is hungry to learn how we do it…that’s satisfaction. there is no magical moment just years of putting structure in place to be successful in ministry. so many are not willing to work and do what’s necessary to be successful. they look for the quick fix…the magical moment…the big idea that breaks thru. if you truly want to be successful and find satisfaction, then just make every day a successful day!

props go out to our school principal! tony the house was filled tonight with excitement and awe of a new school year. you guys were organized, detailed and the night of orientation for k-6 was a great night. this year is gonna be the best ever…simply because your staff is striving for excellence!


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