wednesday night wrap up…

crave was at another level tonight. we mixed up the high school and middle school for worship had a house full of students and God showed. the altars were flooded with students and the sounds of ross parsley wonderful, beautiful, glorious matchless in every way…the message was fearless part 1 and the challenge was to live a fearless from the first day of school. we said goodbye to our students going back to colleges, masters commissions and ministry schools. we will truly miss this class of students as well as the ones that came back to be apart of crave. we have had one huge summer. from hong kong, to busch gardens, summer camp and a week in indy…through it all God has brought increase and growth in big ways. i prayed all summer for increase and we have seen the hand of God bring in the increase…praise GOD. its 12am now, i am tired but i got to spend a few moments tonight at steak n shake with a youth pastor from fort myers…now sowing into other ministries is a joy and a privilege. while we were there we had this goofy waitress that came up and said “i cant wait to go home have a beer and pull my shoes of and watch the steam come out of my shoes” that says it all…no beer but we worked hard today to put on the service and God showed up! another awesome night at crave!

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