the ministry is filled with pain…i write this loosely knowing that there is way more joy than pain. i have gone through some very painful experiences from death to let down…I have been at the place where walking out would feel so much better than standing still…God has been there through it all. what i have discovered in the most painful times is that even though you feel so isolated in your pain, god finds a way to break through. his grace is sufficient, his mercies are new each and every day. so if you are walking through a painful time right now, remember this too shall pass and God has not left you…reach up and allow him to carry you through your pain!

if you are in a painful situation right now, remember it is too easy to fix your eyes on the source of your pain rather than the source of life! hebrews 12 fix your eyes on jesus the author and finisher of your faith!


One thought on “pain

  1. thanks for the encouragement. your right if you let it pain will take over your life you wont go any where believe me i have had times where i didn’t want to do anything because of certain situations in my life but i know where my strength is this verse really helped me the other day Isaiah 41:10. thanks for sharing your heart i will be keeping you in my prayers. this coming year is going to be a defining moment for crave and the youth of volusia. God knows the desires of you and jinnys heart. i love you guys

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