sunday afternoon…thoughts of the summer that has been

sunday afternoon at the pool. after 3 great services of parking cars (somehow I have to figure this thing out and get people involved in this ministry…we are going to shoot a video and push some more in the next few weeks), praying in the alter room and taking care of people. its the last weekend of summer. tomorrow the kids go back to school. I am so glad summer is over, you see we go crazy during the summer and set up for a great fall. the youth church has grown all summer long. services were at another level and there were more visitors than ever before have walked thru our doors in the middle of summer. momentum into the fall is a big deal and we are looking for a strong fall. the fall is going to shape up into a powerful season. we are 4 weeks out of fuel 07, when wayne northup is here. I feel like this fall is going to position us to move to yet another level in youth ministry. at times you hit these walls of growth that you have to just bust through and I feel like we have broken into the next level and look forward to the increase of fall. just another sunday afternoon thinking about what took place this summer.

God you have done some great things this summer…can’t wait to see what you will do this fall!


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