the first day of school

pic-0231.jpg pic-0232.jpg

i cant remember what my first day in kindergarten or third grade was like…but today was a good day for my boys. jake stepped into a brand new world called kindergarten…you see he’s 5 and kindergarten is a big deal. he got out of bed just itching to go to school. all dressed up in a calvary uniform with a small paul belt. now thats bangin. he tied his new nikes…now that he knows how to tie his shoes he is mr independent. Al on the other hand jumped out of bed first and ran to get ready for school, but sat motionless at the kitchen table daydreaming about what the day would be like. it was a slow start, but interestingly enough an exciting day for the students and the parents involved. moms and dads walked their kids to kindergarten, took a bunch of pics of their kids with their teachers in order to capture the moment. the first day is done but there will never be another first day so you have to work it for all its worth. today is a green day..both came home with smiles and stories of what happened at recess and lunch. man to be in kindergarten again, where you can’t really write well and spelling is not an issue, but you continually look forward to recess. jake is sure to let everyone know that there are 2 recesses on the schedule each day. al came home with homework…writing out his spelling words on the first day. this looks like a great year to go to school. we started the day with a prayer and end it with a prayer. what stories will come home on the second day of school?


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