trip to the dentist…


I went to the dentist today and had a deep cleaning. you talk about painful…this lady stuck a tube in my mouth to suck the water out of my mouth and then used what sounded like a sand blaster and felt like a miniature pressure washer and sprayed water all over. she used a mirror like a crow bard and jammed it under my lip just to add to the pain. she started with the water and i began to choke…no warning…no instruction…just lay back practically upside down where your blood rushes to your head and then she proceeds without sensitivity to the sensitive teeth. I cringed and let out a grunt that sounded like a squealing pig…her comment oh that must be a sensitive spot…no ya think. after she blasted my teeth with water she pulled out a sharp pick that she used to scrape my teeth and get under the gum line…i found myself tense and gripping the chair many times…it sounded like she was ripping the porcelain off my teeth. then she pulled out the water cannon to clean off my teeth and thats when she got out of control. she shot the water all over my face and then laughed it off before sticking the sucker tube in my mouth to extract the excess water in my mouth. all this in about 20 minutes…then she showed me how to floss my teeth by jamming floss into the gum line of my front lower teeth…I cringed and grunted again and she said…yes this is a really sensitive area…and she continued on! all this for $55…insurance doesn’t cover a deep cleaning…scraping…gouging…sandblasting…or just simple pain!

her last words were…you don’t have any cavities, so when you heal up you can come back for a polishing…yah!

i love the dentist…like i love jamming needles under my fingernails!


2 thoughts on “trip to the dentist…

  1. sorry you had to go through that!! sounds painful but it gave me a good laugh imagining you @ the dentist, grunting at the lady.
    i just had my teeth cleaned at the same place a month ago and they are a little rough i told my mom i wanted to go back to the kid doctor where at least you get a free tooth brush or sticker at the end….

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