something I truly enjoy is just flat out preaching. I am in a series right now called fearless. so many people are so fearful that they wont attempt much for god. i truly enjoyed last nights message, you could just feel the presence of god moving in the building. the students were not the most responsive in worship, but by the end of the night many were in the altars making decisions to live a fearless life. this is part 2 and I preached on the life of Jonathan…the son of king saul. here is a brief outline…

1. the fearless see things different.
Jonathan chose not to hide in a hole, but saw that his God could save by many or few…

2. the fearless hang around different people.
Jonathan’s armor bearer said this when Jonathan suggested they go over to the philistines and pick a fight! “do what you wish…I am with you heart and soul”
you just gotta know who is with you when you get in a fight!

3. the fearless act different.
Jonathan had a great plan…show themselves to the enemy! Here I am! don’t hide out!
then he decided to climb up and fight…

fearless…next week pt3 we will look at the lives of shadrach, meshach and abednego…

preaching to students is fun…but remember one thing “if you are gonna hit it out of the park, just remember what park your hitting in”

be relevant…be real…tell the truth!


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