birthday parties…

today was the day of birthday parities. i started out my day in lakeland at a conference heard a great message from tommy barnett and went to a class taught by rusty raley on what a sinner sees…great session that was passionately taught and prepared for by rusty. after rusty taught i had the privilege to speak to a group on bringing out the new in youth ministry. I had a great time. right after that the birthday parties began. I got a text from my wife telling me she was on her way home…our 5 year old was invited to one of his buddies birthday parties and he had a great time. I pulled into my driveway around 3 after driving for 2 hours and drinkin a starbucks in the middle…and my house was full of family celebrating my nephew colins b-day. he’s now 4. he had a blast and it was some good family time. once this party was over we went over to a friends house…ronnie woods turned 27…he’s still a kid at heart. happy birthday ronnie! his house was full of people and lots of love. about 8:30 we rolled out to go home…i unpacked ironed my boys pants and sat around watching my team the dolphins do well in preseason. the day is over…I ate a lot of cake today! no worries i will sweat it all off in the parking lot tomorrow!


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