youth ministry and creativity…

today was an incredible day…I spoke at an all church ministries convention to a group of hungry youth leaders. you could just sense in the room the desire for something fresh and new. in order to bring out something new in ministry you have to bring it out of your storehouse. the storehouse is where all the treasure is. “we have this treasure in clay jars…” the treasure is inside of us, and if we want new exciting and fresh things to be brought out of ministry, then you have to have a fresh encounter with God. if you don’t got it you can’t bring it. well here is a short recap of the class.

why aren’t you bringing out something new?
a. you are comfortable with what you have.
b. you are afraid of failing
c. a lack of confidence in your creativity!
d. a lack of prayer and planning!

in order to bring out something new…
a. you gotta do something new!
b. you gotta evaluate and elevate what you are presently doing!
c. you need a vision- write it down!
d. don’t be afraid to fail!
e. take a risk – step out in faith!
f. speak life into what you are doing right now!

what an amazing session…you could just see the wheels of creativity turning in the hearts of leaders

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