not just another sunday…

sunday…august 26 not any ordinary day…its a day of ministry. 3 services where the glory came and fell in the place. our pastor preached an amazing message about the h that has been left out many times… the H of holiness, the h of the holy ghost, the h of humility, the h of an awareness of hell and the h of an awareness of heaven. it was no ordinary sunday, God truly walked into that place and turned it upside down. the schedule was thrown out in the middle of worship, you see it was a set up for the word that pastor brought to us. challenging passionate and real- thats what marked this sunday.

sunday night i met with student leaders and a fresh crop of kids came in…they looked ready and willing to get involved in the work of the ministry. probably the most frustrating thing is when you call a meeting and people say they will be there and then don’t show. It really makes you feel good. well tonight was not different a portion missed the meeting even though they received a call. the new group of students is a cross section of the youth church and will make a great addition. in youth ministry you need leaders to adequately do the work of the ministry and touch the lives that attend…otherwise you spin your wheels and lose your mind covering all the details that need attention. train em, equip em and give them the job and vision to run with and watch it grow!

this year is shaping up well for crave!


2 thoughts on “not just another sunday…

  1. i totally agree with the getting frustrated thing when peeps dont show up but hey there teenagers and they still have the right to be irresponceable. at least for a few more years. hey once they start to get involed as a student leader i know its going to change their lives, it changed mine. they dont know it but we are setting them up to succeed and get closer to God.

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