tuesday morning…

a late night monday night with a leaders meeting and a fiasco with some kids on the property that were caught stealing stuff. needless to say i was tired this morning, but i made it on time with my boys. I walked jake to class and saw al on his way…jake is so full of energy he runs around sharpening all his pencils. i left and found a small bottle of water in the trunk of my car, well i had my seat down and jake likes to crawl through the hole and out of the tunk. I had a great morning taking them to class. life is too short to get stressed over all the junk to not enjoy the moment. nobody can take that moment away…it will last all day. take a moment and spend it with God, he’s been following you around picking stuff up and setting stuff in place that we never notice. its the moment with God that lasts all day.


1 thought on “tuesday morning…

  1. Great Service and Great Message. Exactly what the students (and leaders) need to hear as the school year re-ignites. God is up to something at Crave and the best is yet to come!

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