wednesday night wrap up…

last night was an amazing night…we had a full house and I had to set down some guidelines for worship right up front. last week i took an i phone from a kid and since it was the first week of school, we got the usual distracted crowd that was a fight uphill to breakthrough. last week the breakthrough came in the end, this week it came in worship. God was truly in the place, but it wasn’t absent of drama. i had to talk to a kid that was kicked out at the beginning of summer for stealing a purse. yes, he came back. the service went smooth other than one kid running and another kid crying cause he wanted to go home, I preached a 3rd part of being fearless. shadrach, meshach and abednego would not bow when the band played…i wonder what the music would have been like today…we took a crack at and out came fall out boy, timbaland, kanye and even some carrie underwood “before he cheats” memorable night around the altars.

I got the privilege of riding home with about 20 of our students that come in on our bus ministry and stop off at the krispy kreme and eat a few hot ones! nice!
God is truly up to something this fall…every fall…the same time of year its truly a battle with the enemy and this year is like no other! I know the enemy is after our joy, when I wake and take the kids to school and some joker gets into my car and jacks my new portable GPS…the devil is gonna pay for that!


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