the starbucks experience…a good read


I am reading a book right now about the starbucks experience. I know I need an intervention, but I love starbucks. this book has some amazing principles for business in it and they are directly related to how you handle people. well we are in the people business and if we cant handle them, then ultimately we cant keep them. here is a few nuggets from the book…howard schultz says we have to work to “stay small while growing big” what this means is basically we cant grow so big that we lose our personal touch. what made jesus so big in his 3 years of ministry and he was big. he stopped to touch the lame, blind and hurting. in this day and age people have and carry so many issues in their lives that they need that personal touch! on any given wednesday right after service I have a line of students that want my time so I can just talk to them. it would be so easy to just escape or jump into the tear down process, especially when its not happening! but i sit and talk to student after student about anything and everything, some ask for prayer, others want advice, some just want to hand me money for the next trip which I direct them to the proper person to do this.

the first principle in the book is “make it your own” dale carnegie said this “remember a persons name is to the at person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” if you work with people it will make a huge difference to know peoples names. the excuse that you aren’t good with names isn’t good enough for people. this is something you have to work at. this past wednesday I was sitting around the front talking to students and this girl came up to tell me about her situation with her boyfriend and when i said her name, she hasn’t been around all summer, the ice broke and she said – i can’t believe you remembered my name. when you work with a lot of people, the simplest thing that can make a difference is knowing a name. its work, so in order to “stay small while growing big” you gotta be personal!


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