another great day at calvary…

what I did this sunday started the night before…I came up to the church with my son and we rode around on a golf cart putting out cones for the parking ministry…I really need to find someone to take this on, but i can’t seem to find anyone that is into this. I have a few guys that work in the parking lot. Props go out to mike for his faithfulness in serving. Pastor jon is there every week to work, buddy one of our youth leaders has been pitching in lately and then pastor jeremy shows up too. parking sunday was busy and we started at 7:00 am. I ran in to help serve communion in all 3 services and then in the third service went to the prayer room to help pray with people. the day didn’t end here…our pastor traveled to jville this sunday and i went along for the ride…got to see some friends and a few students that entered jmc. I got home at 11 and now I am in bed with both my boys chilling. It’s moments like these that make it all worth while. a big hug and kiss from the boys and off to bed we go. tomorrow is labor day…the last day to eat meat for 21 days. our church is on a daniel fast this month. I can’t wait to see what falls this fall. sunday was the jam. I’m tired but the day can be wrapped up in one thought…servant-hood!


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