labor day wrap up…


woke up and pounded some oatmeal…worked around the house and jumped in the pool for a while. took my two boys and went to pirates cove to play some putt putt. (there are no rules when you are 5 and 8 in putt putt, just hit the ball and let it fly) we had a blast came home and washed a few cars, drew on the sidewalk with chalk and jumped in the pool again. grilled a steak for dinner (last bit of beef for 21 days). went down to starbucks and brought home a caramel machiato and a white chocolate mocha (last starbucks for 21 days…unless I fall off the wagon). labor day was a great day! this is my life. tomorrow is new day, so I wonder what God is gonna have in store for that day!

I love days off with my family!


1 thought on “labor day wrap up…

  1. Totally know what you are going through….. Last splurge for a couple of weeks, I ate all the ribs I could now all I’m aloud to dream about is celery. It’s all worth it though…

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