the daniel fast, fantasy football and prayer

day one of the daniel fast is now over…well i’m probably not going to run to the fridge in the middle of the night to eat some more fruit and nuts. tonight i found myself craving some lentil soup that my wife made for dinner…it was simply amazing. I can see how esau gave up his birthright for bean soup. 20 more days of fasting and prayer. I am focusing my fast like an arrow on finances, family and a serious breakthrough in crave. God is up to something this year like none other. I can’t wait to see where he takes us as we fast for more of him.

our draft was tonight for fantasy football…do i have a winning team. well I got a few players I truly wanted on my team, so I feel good. I missed getting some players i wanted…but thats the way it goes. I just wanna beat the fool out of the commish and the tank! HA!!! in the middle of the draft the sight went down so I could start streaming faith (last weeks youth service on dvd is played over the web) then after the draft i went upstairs to the crave cafe…a student led prayer meeting is going on…you can feel it in the room. its thick, its real its God’s presence!

today is over…im hungry for more are you!

i could just taste a starbucks coffee tonight…but it will have to wait 20 days!


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