another wednesday night…

i crave…more. well wednesday night was a real fight figuratively and literally. the night started out with my tech guy having to take home his wife…and me giving a crash course to an embry riddle student (props go out to dave) in the computer and video set up…he even had to turn the lights up and down at times. in the middle of worship a group of kids sat and carried on like a fool. I being in the middle of the daniel fast…full blown headache from no caffeine…went and discussed with them what was happening on stage they were missing out on. worship ended and the presence of god filled the place…we prayed and split for 2 services. our middle school goes to a different room and the high school and young adults stay in the service. this split is usually awkward, but smooth tonight. the band jammed for the offering and we jumped into the message. this was one of those nights where I struggled to feel the crowd was with me, but the end result proved they were there. I just had to get out of the way. youth ministry is like this at times, you have to get out of the way and let God move!
the service ended with students around the altar…and then the cafe filled. this is where the fun begins…I get to counsel kids on a regular basis they come up with issues and we work it out…its during this time when i was talking to a kid that ran the week before and did not come back…one of our leaders chased him to the highway…2 girls got into a chic fight in the cafe…
we break down the world and then head home…welcome to my world…its called crave.


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