rock the universe…and the day after

we took a group of students to rock the universe on friday and saw grits…at 5:30 in the sweltering sun and then family force 5 at 6:15. the crowds were huge at the family force 5 venue…but you can see from my pic that we were close. the lead singer for 5 was not there, but they were on another level to say the least. it was a freak show when there designated long hair dancer just wandered around the stage and performed as well as fixed equipment that the band would tear up during the show. he was gaff taping all kinds of stuff in between his gyrations and tambourine playing. the one thing that hit home the most was when the lead singer that night finished the show…he prayed a serious prayer over the crowd. in a world that is full of entertainers, these guys put on a great show, they brought it all into focus! Jesus was the answer! props to family force 5 for stepping up when their lead singer was not there and presenting the gospel.

we road a variety of rides, ate some incredible veggie burgers – well they were nasty! this daniel fast is kicking me. I got home with the worst indigestion and nothing to take. I almost got in the car at 4 am to go to walmart. I woke up and went to cvs for some mylanta and then the river started flowing. I’m home today not far from the toilette due to my need to purge fluids on a regular basis. rock the universe and daniel have messed up my world. I had great aspirations today to do some remodeling on our youth stage, but i could not climb into a lift to hang a projector. I can just see it…projector in hand and then the river wants to flow…22′ in the air is not a good place to be when the river wants to run wild!

its a beautiful day!


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