just another sunday at calvary…


calvary…more than a service its an experience. the atmosphere was electric. it was the second of three services right at the end of worship, pastor was at the pulpit getting ready to lead in prayer. you could feel the energy in the building. we parked cars all over the place-it looked like a campmeeting service. the building was packed with chairs out and the crowd was energized and excited to be in church. thats right…church. man I love this place. the message was “a preoccupied church” we are her to occupy “take over” and not be preoccupied with the cares of life. too many are preoccupied with just going to church, rather than occupied by the God of church! what occupys your life? lets get busy and occupy this world with a powerful gospel that changes lives. thats calvary…you gotta experience this place! worship was amazing, the message was challenging and the altars were filled with people…just another sunday at calvary


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