a labor of love…

this week I have been remodeling our stage…in youth ministry if you have any sense of platform and presence you have to do whatever you can to make the place fresh and pop! if your look hasn’t changed in some time, then think about your look. well we tweek our look here and there but haven’t overhauled the entire look in 3 years. we add backdrops, different color schemes and even change the set up just to make it fresh. Now we are adding a third video screen and enabling us to run video on the 2 outside screens and anything we want on the middle, video, animations, power point…here’s where the love comes in. it takes labor to up and down a lift, handg screens and when they are off just a bit, work at it until it looks just right. tonight i spend 3 1/2 hours up there working on lights and there is probably another 5 to 6 hours left to go. I love this aspect of ministry, its exciting and a thrill to see the finish product. excellence and professionalism is what we are shooting for and thats why the show has to be a labor of love! I know ministry is more than a show…(it’s the power of God flowing in a building and transforming lives) I just wanna show the power of God in a building filled with haze, lights, truss, spandex and intelligent lights. if you are in ministry and you don’t like to work…then you probably don’t understand the labor of love! all this work just to see a life changed by the power of God. today is my day off, but whatever it takes is whatever it takes to reach a soul. Fuel this week our fall revival is gonna be at another level! i can’t wait for wednesday night!

go ahead…examine your look and embrace this concept called change!


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