fantasy football

i’m in this fantasy football league and today i am playing against one of our elders “steelmen”. he walked over this morning and said in a real serious voice…”i hate to tell you, but today you are going down” welcome to the fantasy football let the trash talking begin. oh ya I got tom brady as my QB and he got 31 points…too bad the steelmen had eli manning and he scored 39 points and his team scored 135 points on sunday and still has 2 players left…i on the other hand scored 79 and still have 2 players left…looks like week one of ffl is over and i’m 0-1. thats the way it goes…now i have to face the “steelmen” and hear him gloat. props to the steelmen you get the trophy this week! go figure i outscore half the league and play “steelmen” who is in my division! it could be a long fantasy football season! week 2 i need to redeem myself and pound the poloc!


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