my latest project…

pic-0266.jpg pic-0266.jpg
this project took several days and lots of climbing into a genie lift. we wanted a fresh look for our youth stage so we repositioned 2 projectors from rear screen to front and added a third screen in the middle. hanging three projectors is not an easy task, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it. my advice when hanging a screen is make sure the throw of the projector will fill the screen from the distance you have to throw…i.e. don’t buy too big of a screen – one you can’t fill with projection due to placement of projector. here’s what we did: 1. hang the screen in a place where lights aren’t directed on it and where you can get the closest point of projection without zooming out. 2. hold the projector on the lift and turn it on…don’t drop it! been there and done that! heart attacks are not good for ministry. make sure the image fills the screen and look for pole placement. 3. ceiling mounts can be bought from mounts n more you don’t need to buy the expensive drop pole they have that is adjustable unless you don’t want to save money. measure the height of the pole and go to lowes or home depot and have a galvanized pipe cut and threaded for length. you can be off about an inch or so…the projector can be tilted or use the keystone setting to adjust. 4. mount the projector and run the cable to the mixer, scan convertor or whatever your source is. there you go you hung your first projector.

this project we repositioned all of our truss, added a kramer push button selector and moved lights from our top rack to the floor to light the truss. we had the spandex shapes and used them for the sides. the spandex in the back is bulk material bought from dazian bulk pieces aren’t too pricey and you can just stretch it tight and tie it to the truss.

all this took around 20 hours to do with 2-3 guys working…and we still have to readjust the front of house lights and rewire some of our booth for the new switcher…all in all the look is bangin!


2 thoughts on “my latest project…

  1. pa wow what can i say the stage looks incredible! great work! sorry the interns couldnt be there to help with this labor of love…well i saw eric today @ church he so that was cool… i cant wait to hear about fuel God is going to rip that place apart with his hunger and revevial…o i cant wait…

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