fuel 07…wayne northup

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the first night of fuel ended and it was on another level. the gym was filled with students back to the bleachers. all the new tech additions flowed well…just a few things to tweak to work it all out, and we are gonna work it out. the band was at another level in worship. props go out to mike and ronnie for all your hard work with the band and singers they truly stepped up last night. fuel is our fall revival…2 nights for students to get filled up. fuel is combustible energy that ignites a fire. these kids need a fire that burns deep within their soul. here are a few observations from last night… right in the middle of worship around the front I saw this kid…no ordinary kid. 2 weeks ago he ran out of the building and never came back, the next week he showed up and sat outside with some staff and they discussed his issues and i had a heart to heart with him. tough kid…i mean hard! this night was different he was at the front on the side, not with his usual crowd and he was worshipping…now thats what I call breakthrough. I took the opportunity late that night to stop and encourage this kid. he is so smart, but so stubborn. I feel like God has something big in store for his life. worship was real good last night, you could feel the energy in the building! then wayne got up to preach and he is a picture of ADD i love it! he hammered on just being real, earrings, idols and endings! in the end…and the response was life changing. when the people of israel ran to moses after he destroyed the calf they had made as an idol…God showed up in their lives. last night students ran to the front and God showed up in their lives this one kid was so after God that sweat was pouring off of him. I love it when students get so after God! I am looking forward to what god will do tonight. fuel up!


2 thoughts on “fuel 07…wayne northup

  1. my Lord he is good crave is a place of change it changed my life and will continue to do the same in others lives and the great thing about its name is that it is so true not only do you get restored but you get a hunger for God like you have never known you just crave God in that atmosphere. thank you for being who God created you to be. He is taking crave to another level…

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