the day after fuel…

last night was simply amazing on a thursday night a great crowd came to get fueled up. we had our usual bus in crowd and program crowd. One student was escorted out of the building during worship…gotta love the drama in youth ministry. wayne was on cloud red bull, well not really, but god showed up and touched lives in a unique way. no hype, no fluff, just flat out worship…i got the students to get on there knees at the end of worship and you could feel the presence of God just sweeping over them. this was gonna be a night of destiny. this was different – for all you youth pastors or leaders out there – different is ok…you bring in a speaker to bring the word and sometimes something out of the norm happens and you spend a little more time on your knees in his presence. we are called to make lives better, and if we fail to just sit in his presence and allow the holy spirit to saturate lives, then are we truly making a difference. i truly want God to show up and touch the lives of students and make them better people, sons, daughters…just all the way around. tonight i feel like it was one of those nights…students were filled with the holy ghost- i mean full on…full out snot flowing tears dropping tongues flying…filling. kids were healed and refreshed in the altars…a few parents were a little miffed by the fact that we were in the altars till 10 p.m…but what do you do?

one thing i desire is for the supernatural to be apart of crave…these 2 nights God showed up in a supernatural way!
the next day we took wayne to daytona usa…thanks matt for the tix. the pic on this page is wayne the jack-man northup! he runs out jacks the car up and catches the changed tire and carries it off…all in 18.5 seconds! we just came out of the simulator and did a few rolls on the ramp! now thats fun! if you are ever in daytona…got to daytona usa for a great imax experience and step onto pit road and change a tire…


2 thoughts on “the day after fuel…

  1. Hi, mi name is travis an i came to your camp over the summer and I REALLY REALLY liked it I will definitely come back if I can next summer.Wayne was an awesome preacher, he was really cool.Well, your camp made me want to be a preacher and I will try my best to live life for God.

    Please email me,

  2. Hey, wayne u came to wwjh, and eastgate church. I REALLY REALLY changed after you were there. I’ve changed my life for the better and I’m soo proud of myself. I wanted to thank you personally but never got the chance. So here it is, Thank You so much, it means alot to me!!

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