sunday and the daniel fast…what am i eating?

bn_fruitnut_bag_100.gifthis morning I woke up and went to church to put out cones for the parking ministry. I ate a piece of ezekiel bread and some bare naked granola…banana and nut flavor. it was still dark out when I got to the church. put out all the cones with a little help from a new parking lot volunteer. the gas golf cart was low on gas, so we headed over to hess to put some gas in the cart. I got dragged up on stage for an illustration where I was the good guy that got robbed then restored, then i got to take back some more. that was a good feeling! the second service started we parked cars with a great crew of guys and in the beginning of the message I got a page. now I try not to text too much in service…but today I could not help but do some trash talking about fantasy football and dream about going to texas de brazil in orlando on sept 24 the day the fast is over. right now I’m starving! yep that’s it…fasting is supposed to hurt! oh yah the text i got was to be the substitute bus driver to go to the college and neighborhoods to pick up people. I jumped in the bus and a deacon scared me! yep came up from behind and said hey! I was not expecting it…but this is where the blog was inspired. what do you eat on the fast? I gave him a taste of bare naked granola. I had a small pack of fruit n nut in my coat pocket to eat between second and third service. normally I would eat an oatmeal cream pie and an arizona green tea. but since we are fasting there has been no pies for a few weeks. now for lunch…after driving the bus a dropping off the families i went home for some brown rice and black beans and peaches. wow that hot the spot…i sat and watched my fantasy team get murdered by the polocs and had a craving for some nuts. the one thing about this fast is I have lost over 10 pounds – no sugars and no breads…but i am hungry all the time. after laying around for the afternoon, i had a bowl of tofu sausage and spinach whole wheat linguini and maranara sauce. I can say now that i have eaten today, but still look forward to sept 24…texas de brazil…17 different meats and an endless salad bar…i can taste the filet mignon, the brisket, the sirloin, the chicken, the pork loin, beef ribs and so much more…


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