monday…is it really a day off?

today is monday, the day I am supposed to take off, but i find myself dropping off my boys for school at 8 am. I truly enjoy taking them to school. Jake has a blast going to class sharpening pencils and getting ready for a big day in kindergarten. I dropped by tomas’ office to drop some receipts and ended up talking about budgets, trips, the chic conference and the fiasco of stewart marchman on saturday. i came home and uploaded some chic logos, updated the web page, worked on the finishing touches of the crave budget, sent out a few emails and tried to chill. its a rainy day outside and a window in my house is leaking…can you say wonderful! this afternoon I found myself on the roof killing a spider (i hate spiders) and sealing the flashing on the roof by the gutters. its lunch time and I have a few free salads from crispers so I went and had a southwestern salad no chicken and no cheese – this cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing is spicy!
after this i ran out to office depot and staples to get some blank cards to print birthday invitations for jake…its a mario party-now thats gonna be fun! later that afternoon i went to pick up the boys and a video camera to capture =some clips for wed night- yep thats right I am gonna sit home tonight watch prison break record some commercials about the fall season and make a mario birthday card…is monday really a day off?

welcome to my world…I’m so hungry for meat today!


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