tuesday…what is God saying to me on this fast?

I heard this question today and I started looking at my journal and really discovered that God is really trying to tell me something about the season I am in. I have been in youth ministry for 14 years…I am 40…I have only been in 2 places full time one for 9 1/2 years and hear for almost 5…in my field guys get out earlier and not many are sticking around…someone told me last week i was a vet (thats when i get nervous-vets are old). in youth ministry it all happens in seasons. we just came out of the busiest seasons yet-the summer season where we traveled, and spent tons of money and grew all summer long! but this is the fall – its a new season for youth ministry- in the past 4 falls we have gone thru some struggles to get going – hurricanes one year, momentum stalled another due to meetings, and just plane the funk of junk last year…but this season is different. there is an expectancy about this season like none other. we are so far ahead of where we were last year and I am looking at this season with passion and focus. this is what i believe God has called me too…youth ministry. I can see myself in this for many more years-its just plain fun to me-its a challenge-its what drives me on the inside. the moment i feel like i am not effective then i want to move on, but will that happen. I train myself, i pray, study and stay relevant to todays trends-well as much as possible! I feel like one day, way off in the future, God will just transition me from youth to adults. I think that will be the next challenge in my life. you read right-one day I will be a senior pastor. I am being honest here…so hang on…i don’t feel stagnant..i don’t feel unsettled…i feel like there is so much more that God is going to do in me and thru me right here! this season i believe is going to be marked by the supernatural. during this fast i have been targeting my life, my finances, my kids but in direction I want God to do a supernatural work here! something that causes kids to go back to school and talk about it…something that oozes out of our students and into their schools and homes. something I have never seen before! his word say no eye has seen or ear has heard what God has in store for them that love him. I truly love God and love what he is doing right now! this is the season for the supernatural. its not too difficult for God to do the supernatural-its who he is!

2 thoughts on “tuesday…what is God saying to me on this fast?

  1. yo pa i miss yall… man God has so much in store thanks for sharing your heart. it really showed me that you can be focused where you are and still excited about where your going…you are truly a great man of God thanks for everything you have been in my life…

  2. i was juz surfing and happen to read your blog.
    and i can feel how you feel now – the season that God wants you to do.
    kinda share the same feeling of supernatural 🙂
    you will be on the right track when you follow God’s calling! 🙂
    Jesus is awesome! Amen

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