rain rain go away…come again another day!

note the title of this blog sounds like a nursery rhyme…but when you have like nonstop rain for several days it kinda gets old. this morning i woke up to the sounds of dripping water and a strong downpour. I had to empty off the excess water in the pool this morning and when I came home tonight it’s like I didn’t do anything. another 6″ of water needed draining. the problem with rain…if your roof has leaks you will find them(the gym has a few), when you are a youth pastor and your congregation consists mainly of inexperienced high risk drivers…they tend to be grounded from the roads in a rainstorm…tonight we still had an amazing group of kids how in a driving storm. right in the middle of service we anointed kids and prayed the house down…you could feel God working in this place. we are walking into a season of the supernatural. this is our season…right now I am watching the weather and eating black beans and brown rice. we are already planning how to finish the fast off. will we go to orlando and hit texas de brazil or go to Takeya a local japanese steak house. we are leaning toward sushi and steak. looks like we will finish strong on this fast. I cant wait to see all that god does after this fast! God rain in this place!


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